George Michna

Neag School of Education; University of Connecticut
Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Accreditation
Dr. George Michna is the Neag School of Education's, at the University of Connecticut, Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Accountability. In this role, he serves as the national accreditation (CAEP) and specialized professional association accreditation (SPAs) and unit and program-level assessment systems and processes to provide information to evaluate productivity, effectiveness, and impact in alignment with the goals and mission of the Neag School, as well as accreditation requirements. He has worked as a public school administrator in Connecticut for over five years, and has held previous assessment-related positions at the Connecticut State Department of Education, John Jay College, and The College Board. Dr. Michna's research focus includes assessment literacy, school improvement, and teacher quality where he has published manuscripts and presented at various national and regional conferences