Charles Blaich

Wabash College
Charles (Charlie) Blaich, PhD, joined the Wabash College Center of Inquiry in 2002. Charlie, along with others at the Center, is responsible for making the Center of Inquiry's mission come true: to strengthen liberal arts education for all students, regardless of who they are or what privileges they have. He visits and collaborates with people at colleges, universities, and higher education organizations across the country to aid their efforts to improve the education of their students. Charlie's career has always revolved around education and research. He began teaching in 1981 while he was in graduate school and continued to teach at the college level, at least part time, until 2007. Charlie has taught at a large research university, a regional state university, a community college, and a liberal arts college. He taught in the Psychology Department at Wabash College from 1991 to 2002. In addition to teaching, Charlie is an accomplished researcher. He has conducted various kinds of research, from studying animal communication to studying student learning and how organizations change or resist change. He was a keynote speaker at the 2016 AALHE conference in Milwaukee and has presented at previous AALHE conferences.