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Katherine N. Yngve

I am an anti-racist educational measurement professional, who specializes in identifying & measuring the competencies (also called "constructs" or "soft skills") of intercultural, inclusive, multicultural and interpersonal effectiveness . In a nutshell, I teach people how to teach people to be effective and appropriate across difference. As such I maintain a working knowledge base of about 70 or more assessment instruments (most of them free).

If you want to know the pros and cons of different ways of measuring intercultural competence or inclusion competence (which, in my opinion have both similarities and differences, you can hear me talk about some of them on this youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4yAH0aQj4wJZGkbqIwmoZQqN7gf1Knim .

I am also a “recovering” Senior International Officer (American University of Beirut) who joined Purdue in 2014, to support the Dean of International Programs in creating a culture of inclusive excellence in undergraduate education. In 2016, I co-founded CILMAR, a unique research center which focuses on intercultural & Inclusive learning, mentorship and assessment (i.e. continuous improvement of learning). As a member of the Institutional Data Analytics and Assessment ("IDA+A") team, my job is part instructional design, part program evaluation, and part strategic continuous improvement. Currently I am thrilled to be on the leadership team of a five-year pan-university project to make academic advising more inclusive, with a specific emphasis on moving the equity and inclusion needle for Purdue's Black students.

I was privileged to get my start as an intercultural educator through doctoral coursework at the University of Minnesota, as an advisee of the late Dr. R. Michael Paige, and to have deepened that knowledge through participation in the famed Summer Institute on Intercultural Communication, where I learned from such inspirational mentors as Dr. Janet Bennett, Dr. Nagesh Rao & Dr. Chris Cartwright.

Recent research-based writings and publications include:

• 2022 (Anticipated) "Alignment, Belongingness, and Social Justice: Using Assessment to Advance Inclusive Excellence " Chapter X in A House Where All Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence. (Forum on Education Abroad Standards Publication)
May 2019: Chapter Nine in Education Abroad and the Undergraduate Experience (Brewer and Ogden, Eds.); Stylus.
• ‘Walking the Walk’ of Inclusion: Assessment Instruments that Support Equity
• Dec. 2018: Outcomes of 24 Short-Term Study Abroad Programs; Purdue OIRAE Briefing
• Oct. 2018: Outcomes of Intercultural Pedagogy Training for Faculty, AFS Global Annual Conference, Budapest
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