Christine Robinson

Dr. Christine Robinson is the Executive Director of the Office of Assessment and Accreditation at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. For the past five years, as the Executive Director, she had led a team that promotes continuous improvement in student learning, educational practices, and support services, which facilitates an institutional culture of ongoing and systematic self-evaluation and improvement. Her more than 17 years of experience as an administrator includes collaborating with and leading academic faculty and staff in the assessment of educational practices and programs and institutional effectiveness. Previously, Dr. Robinson served in roles as Director of Academic Affairs, Associate Dean and Dean of Business and IT departments, and Dean of Planning, Assessment and Quality Improvement; her responsibilities included designing and implementing professional development activities and supporting efforts to examine the impact of teaching and institutional initiatives on student learning and educational experiences. Dr. Robinson has co-authored three articles and two book chapters, given 30 conference presentations at 12 national, regional, and local conferences, and consulted with three colleges and universities; all concern adopting best practices in assessment and creating an integrated culture of assessment.
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